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The Night of Your Life

The Night of Your Life book cover

The second Slow Wave collection turns the dreams of strangers into the most insightful, humorous, and clever four-panel comic strips you have ever read. This hardcover volume captures the sublime pleasure of tumbling through the freewheeling narrative of our sleeping lives. Each strip is an adaptation of the many dreams submitted to Reklaw from all over the world, every one a unique and compelling journey into a landscape to which we all travel. The Night of Your Life is a testament to the ability of comics to illuminate the corridors of the imagination, with wit, sincerity, and joy.

Published by Dark Horse Books.

The San Francisco Chronicle calls them “delightfully surreal morsels… as sure-handedly and lucidly drawn as the subject matter is crooked and curious,” and the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies says the comics have “that rare blend of pointed humor and specially brewed whimsy.”