We are all in this together

Thanks for your interest in heoping support my artistic efforts. I like to make art — it is soul-enriching, mentally-healing, and fun. also i think i am pretyy good at it, and i have been working as a professional artist since high school. i was also top of my class (no kidding — valedictorian even), in all the AP classes, physics whiz, etc. but i like art, and i think that’s what i should contribute to the world. thanks for believing in me.

here are some different ways that can help me along, because we all know art doesn’t pay as much as computer programming (which i also do — i built this website), but man i really prefer drawing and painting.

become a member

– $25 annual gets you this and also helps me build up some capital to work on this site and carve out a living as a working artist again

buy some art!

i have put a lot of work (and $$) into making this an e-commerce site so that you can buy original art. i’ve got paintings from shows at Gint Robot, Bear and Bird, ec. plus tons of comic art. a lot of these comics pages are very reasonably priced, and they need good homes. i have sold 100s of pieces of original art. your patronage is very much appreciated.

feel free to donate any amount. times are tough.

or commission me. i like to draw portraits and pets. and landscapes sometimes.